THE SDGs Action Card Game "X (Cross)" 【英語版】


「THE SDGs アクションカードゲーム X クロス」は、SDGsの達成に向けたアクションアイデアを創出するカードゲームです。楽しくゲームを行う中で、一見難しく思えるSDGsを身近なものとして理解し、目的達成のためのアイデア創出ができます。
THE SDGs Action Card Game "X (Cross)"
Let's solve social issues
through card combinations and creative thinking!

This is a game for using various resources including people, physical things and actions, both new and old, to address various social issues, such as poverty, human rights, education, gender, energy, peace, and climate change. It will help you to understand SDGs and social issues, you can enjoyably explore how to address these real issues.

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